Our physical therapists are concerned with the child's ability to take part in movement activities such as crawling, running and playing ball games. Treatment activities aid the child in navigating safely in various environments.


We also provide assessments on foot wear including inserts and orthotics to further enhance your child's developmental progress and to prevent musculoskeletal changes as they grow. We are available to answer any questions or concerns related to your child's needs.

Our therapists provide evaluation and intervention for:

• Gross motor development
• Muscle tone and strength
• Range of motion
• Posture/Postural control
• Pre-gait and gait training
• Neuromuscular function
• Endurance
• Musculoskeletal conditions
• Body alignment
• Environmental adaptations/seating and positioning
• Wheelchair positioning and mobility
• Splinting/bracing/orthotics

Treatment Methods:

Adaptive Play, Aquatic Therapy, Trampoline, Rock Climbing Wall, Kenesiotaping, Lite Gait: Gait and Mobility, Spacticity Management, Orthotic Management, Adaptive Equipment Assesment and Monitoring, Strength Training, Serial Casting, Vestibular Stimulation, Neurodevelopmental Techniques, Interactive Metronome, Electrical Muscle Stimulation   


Pediatric Physical Therapy

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