Pediatric Occupational Therapy

A child's occupation skills includes playing, learning, and socializing. Visit the American Occupational Therapy Associations website at


Occupational Therapists:

•Help people participate in the activities they want and need to do through therapeutic use of everyday actitvities

•Focus on increasing a child's participation in home, school and social situations


Your child may benefit from OT if they have difficulty with:

Self-care skills: dressing, self-feeding, personal hygiene and grooming

Fine motor skills: handwriting, grasping, cutting, shoe tying, picking up small objects and manipulation small objects

Gross Motor Development: planning and performing gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, strength, endurance and balance

Play exploration and participation: pretend play, games with rules, constructive play, play skills with peers

Safety and body awareness: following directions, age appropriate attention span, poor knowledge of safety issues

Sensory processing and regulation abilities


Treatment methods:

Sequential Oral Sensory Feeding Program, Handwriting Without Tears, Multi-Sensory Room, Sensory Integration Therapy, Therapeutic Listening, Wilbarger Deep Pressure Touch for Sensory Defensiveness, Seating and Positioning, Alert Program for Self Regulation of Sensory System,Interactive Metronome

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