Does my child need an assessment?
Does my child need an assessment?

By 6-8 months:

Sits unsupported

Pokes finger into a hole

Crumples paper with fingers

Rolls between back and stomach

Plays with feet when on back


Bangs a cup


By 12-15 months:

Opens a book

Has 5 words

Creeps on hands and knees

Moves easily and frequently between positions such as sitting, creeps

Stands at surface

Makes a scribble more than 1"


By 25-30 months:

Strings 2 beads

Removes screwed on lid

Imitates throwing a ball and it travels 7 feet

Attempts to jump, leaving floor momentarily 

Kicks ball

Prepares hands to catch a ball


By 37-42 months:


Draws a circle and cross

Traces horizontal line

Jumps forward 24 inches

Stands on one foot for 3 seconds

Catches a ball

Imitates simple movements or actions "hammers like Dad"

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