About Us

At POST 0218, we put FAMILY at the heart of our mission. We strive to work as a team with caregivers and their children to answer questions, provide guidance and problem solve ways to integrate therapy into daily routines. Customized interventions help children with special challenges learn to actively investigate their world, play, eat, walk and communicate which foster the child's capabilities and independence.


We have a "Sensory Gym" complete with specialized swings and suspension equipment, balance equipment, scooterboards, ramps, trampolines, ball pool, fine motor, gross motor and sensory areas. Children often look forward to coming to their therapy sessions and ending our time together is often difficult because they want to continue 'playing.'


Our therapists communicate with each other when appropriate to collaborate and reinforce strategies that help the children reach their goals.

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1000 West Poplar Street Rogers, AR 

3162 W. Martin Luther King Blvd  Fayetteville, AR

516 Lowell Ave., Cave Springs, AR.

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